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Fence Etiquette: Tips in Installing and Maintaining Your Fence Without Offending a Neighbor

Never underestimate the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Respecting other people’s privacy and property can greatly contribute to your family’s peace of mind. Fences are meant to separate your property from others’, provide security and privacy, and add aesthetic value to your home. When you are building and maintaining one, it is important to consider that a fence can also determine the kind of relationship you will have with your neighbor.

Below are a few tips on balancing the maintenance of your fence and your relationship with the small community.

  • Make sure your fence is still within your property line. Most fence companies install the fence one foot inside the line. When marking your boundary, don’t get greedy and try to add a couple of inches beyond your property. Placing a fence on others’ land is against the law and might oblige you to tear the entire thing down.
  • Check the regulations in the community. Many homeowners’ associations have rules about the size, positioning, style, and sometimes even color of a fence. It is better to follow the set guidelines instead of facing potential complaints or disputes in the future.
  • Observe the proper height and placement. The polite way of placing your fence is having the front or more presentable side faced to your neighbor’s yard. The height should be around four to six feet. Beyond that might send a wrong message to others.
  • Be open with your neighbor. Communication is still the key to having a friendly environment. Although you are not obligated to do so, it is a nice, polite gesture to let your neighbor in on your plans. This can prevent future disputes and disagreements.
  • Document meticulously, but still ethically. Disputes don’t have to start and end with bad blood. Take photos of your fence from time to time. If there has been damage related to your neighbor, document your side and show the photos politely. Again, communicate properly and try to maintain a cordial tone.
  • Keep your side of the fence clean and well-maintained. Try not to make your yard and fence an eyesore for your neighbors. You could also consider the color and design of the houses near you to avoid veering away and standing out too much.

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