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Tips in Dog Proofing Your Fence

Although a dog is a man’s best friend, the same cannot be said for the relationship your furry friends have with fences. Here at Bullfrog Fence we have received numerous repair or even replacement jobs because of dogs ruining the wood, going beyond the fence, or digging too deep. If you are a homeowner who is also worried about your pooch taking a toll on your fence, then here are five simple tips on dog proofing.

Make sure the height and quality of the fence is too high for the dog to jump over

As the owner, you can gauge how high your dog can jump. From there you can use it as a factor in deciding the height of your fence. It is also important to see how powerful and big your dog is. Obviously, you have no problem with toy dogs, but when it comes to normal to bigger sized ones, you need to make sure that your fence is fortified.

Afterwards, check the items near the fence that could potentially give your dog a boost. These usually include planter, garbage container, bird bath, and lawn mower.

Steer clear from chain link fences

Never underestimate the intelligence of a clever dog. There have been many cases of dogs climbing their way out of a fence. Chain link fences are particularly unadvisable because of their honeycomb pattern which serves as good footholds. Also, chain link fences provide good vision and even reach for dogs’ teeth.

Opt for fences that block the dog’s view of the outside

Wooden or vinyl fences are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also great for privacy and obstructing your dog’s view of the outside. Not letting them see distracting factors outside i.e. squirrels, other dogs, and people will prevent them from barking and getting all worked up.

Regularly check your fence’s condition

Don’t neglect the condition of your fence. Watch out for weak spots, tears or holes, and potential rot because your pets can take advantage of that. Small puppies can wiggle their way through a hole or lose wire.

If the soil is uneven, better check for holes getting dug too deep. As a preventive measure, many homeowners place wires underneath the fence to discourage dogs from digging.

Keep your dog well exercised and happy with other things

One of the best ways in preventing dogs from damaging your fence and lawn is by addressing their needs, particularly entertainment, exercise, and sustenance. Make sure that your dog is regularly walked, has toys to play with, and has a source of water nearby.

Learn more on how to take care of your fence by visiting this blog from time to time. You can also have more comprehensive and professional advice from our experts by calling us now here at Bullfrog Fence and scheduling an appointment.