Residential Fence Services

Your home is your castle and should be secure just like a castle. When you’re in the midst of trying to secure your home, the first thing that often comes to mind is a fence.

A fence is the first line of defense against outsiders, solicitors and would be intruders. Your fence also helps to protect your pets and family, particularly young children, from wondering off unsupervised.

There’s no substitute for a good fence, just like there’s no substitute for a good fence contractor. Bullfrog Fence is top of the line in fence specialists here in the DFW community and can be your go to fence team. Let Bullfrog help you in the following areas.

Our Residential Fence Services

    • Chain Link Fences – Are simple and often more times affordable over other choices.
    • Brick and Masonry – This type of fence is very polish and timeliness in it’s appear.
    • Wooden Fences – These fences are secure, beautiful, and come in various types and styles.
    • Entrance Gates and Doors – 
    • Security Fences 
    • Ornamental Iron Fences 
    • Vinyl Fences

Why Bullfrog Fence?

Our team knows fences, we also know how important they are to your home and your family’s safety. Our team takes your privacy and wellbeing serious and will work hard to build a fence that is built to last and secure.

No residence is complete without a good fence, if you’re in the State of Texas and have been waiting for the right moment to have a fence installed on your property, now is the time to let Bullfrog be your go to team. We’ll build a fence that stands up against the elements and keeps your home safe and secure.