Fence Restoration

Are you missing your fence’s original glow? As you look at your current fence, do you ever wonder what was left of its former glory? Through time, whether it’s made of metal or wood, your fence has served as the front liner of your home and establishment; and that does not mean that it is already finished. In fact, with the proper restoration, your fence can become as good as before or even better than new.

We at Bullfrog Fence see every fence’s value, and we would be happy to help you like our many customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area rediscover its true glow underneath that rust or mold.

A good, solid fence needs to be built on quality materials and efficient service while being maintained from time to time for it to last for many years to come. However, certain factors like weather, fire, pests, animals, and other unforeseen incidents may come and you will have to face a worn out fence. Still, this does not mean that it needs replacing. With our experts here at Bullfrog Fence, we will make sure that you get the fence that your property deserves.

Benefits of Fence Restoration

When restoring your fence, we strongly recommend never going for low cost, quick service. We understand your needs and we will make sure that our restoration is worth it and will not burn a hole in your pockets. Here are some of the benefits of fence restoration:

  • It will help you save money from building a new fence.
  • It protects your fence from rotting, molds, mildew, and decay.
  • It strengthens your wood and lessens the risk of splitting and cracking.
  • It brings out the beauty of your fence, especially in terms of enhancing its natural hues and removing discoloration.
  • It extends the life span of your fence.
  • It increases the overall value of your property.

Why Bullfrog Fence?

Let our well-trained experts here at Bullfrog Fence help you bring back the warm, wooden glow of your fence. In our years of experience as an established company in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, we pride ourselves with happy customers and beaming fences. Reach us now through contact form on this page or call us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate. Thank you and have a great day!

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