Fence Repair

Here at Bullfrog Fence, we specialize in fast, efficient, and effective fence repair. Your house or business is not fully protected if its fence is broken. When it gets broken, acting immediately on it with professional attention and quality replacement material will help you save on time, effort, and money. Rest assured that our team is available any time of the day in the Dallas Fort Worth, TX area to serve you, regardless of the size of the damage.

What Causes Fence Damage?

Accidents or unforeseen damages can happen to any fence, whatever kind or material it is made of. We have encountered here at Bullfrog Fence many calls about various intensities of damage, from a broken latch to an entire fence that needs replacement or rebuilding — but none of them were turned down. This is because we believe that it’s always better to immediately and effectively treat a broken fence than to let it sit for days unresolved.

There are many causes of fence damage. The most common would be exposure to harsh winds, strong rains, and constant, direct sunlight over time without the proper protection. This may result to your wood fence getting discoloration or developing moisture, which can lead to rotting. Through time, your fence may also become weaker and be more prone to pests, termites, molds, or mildew. There is also the risk of vandals or animal damage.

Whatever the cause may be, you can sleep with a peace of mind knowing that your fence is in the hands of a trusted company in the Ft Worth area, Bullfrog Fence.

Why Bullfrog Fence?

We care about our work. Our hardworking team here at Bullfrog Fence believe that no fencing job is too small. Every home or establishment in the Fort Worth Metroplex area deserve to have a well-kept and well-functioning fence. Reach us now via contact form on this page or call us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate. Have a great day!

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