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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fence Repair?

Here at Bullfrog Fence, we are often asked if homeowner’s insurance will cover repairs for a damaged fence. Our answer is generally a big “yes,” given the right coverage, of course.

Most homeowner’s insurances have an “other structures” coverage, which handles parts of your property which are not physically attached to your house. These include garages, sheds, patios, decks, and fences. If your contract does not mention this coverage, then we strongly recommend that you call your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Common Damages Covered by Insurance

Having a broken fence is like leaving your home vulnerable to external elements. This is why it is best that instead of trying to repair it yourself (and in doing so leaving room for errors), have professionals handle your fence and make your claim immediately. Below are the common damages that are often covered.

  • Storm – A wind-related damage, whether it is from storm, tornado, typhoon, or hail, is usually covered. It is advisable to take photos of the broken fence and the environment as soon as it is safe to go outside to help the claiming process.
  • Fallen Tree – As a general rule, a fallen tree regardless if it’s yours or your neighbor’s that has damaged your fence is covered. It is important that the tree is healthy because rotting, decaying, or deceased ones might dampen or even deny the claim. Having an unhealthy tree can mean negligence on your part. Also, your neighbor’s insurance will likely cover the damages if the tree is on their side.
  • Crime-Related Cause – If it is vandalism or other damages brought out by crime, then it is important to file a police report as soon as possible. If a car hits your fence, then we recommend having the driver’s car insurance handle the repair cost to avoid affecting the rates of yours.

Our #1 Tip When Claiming Insurance

We always tell our customers who are new to fence repair this piece of advice: Get professionals to provide consultation and estimate first. If the damage is minor and the cost and hassle of repair will be less than the deductible of your insurance, then consider not making the claim. This can possibly save time and effort while not affecting your premiums in the future.

Learn more on fence repair and maintenance by visiting this blog from time to time. You can also have more comprehensive and professional advice from our experts by calling us now here at Bullfrog Fence and scheduling an appointment.