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How High Should the Fence be in DFW?

Here at Bullfrog Fence, we are asked questions all the time about fencing and fencing requirement here in Dallas Ft Worth i.e. How High Should the Fence be in DFW?

Privacy Fences: The requirement on fence heights can vary depending on your city and state rules, however to be safe particularly here in the Dallas Fort Worth market it is customary to have a 6 foot tall fence.

At this height it enables you to maintain privacy and a clear line of sight for security purposes. If you choose to go taller than 6 feet most communities as well as the cities will require that you seek for permission either in forms of permits or home owner associations approval.

Kid & Pet Fences: However if you are just planning on keeping the kids and pets in the yard, then the traditional fence height for this is between 3 to 4 feet tall. This gives parents and guardians alike a clear line of sight to the kids, pets, and overall surroundings. Which enables engagement and interaction with the kids, pets, and even neighbors.

Pool Fences: This type of fence is traditionally thought of as protection for the family especially when you have small kids. So this type fence prevents unwanted, unsupervised visits to the pool by our little ones. The requirement height on these fences is usually 4 feet, however this can vary from city to city.

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